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I just can’t cake unlawful use of this website or all around bad behavior. Please subject to and understand our TERMS & CONDITIONS:

Intellectual Property

The literary and editorial content found on ijustcantcakethis.com is protected under the United States Copyright Act. Ijustcantcakethis.com reserves exclusive rights to such editorial content on this website under section 102 of the US Copyright Act.

Although I try to produce original artwork and photographs, sometimes there is a need to borrow artwork by other people. Photographs on this website are rightfully credited to the best of my ability and are used within the Fair Use Doctrine of the US Copyright Act of 1976. If you own the rights to an image used on this website or feel that any photographs have been used unlawfully, please contact me directly. Ijustcantcakethis.com reserves the right to request proof of ownership to ensure the accuracy of any such claim.

Disclosure Policy

I blog out of love for what I do, my desire to share my experiences and knowledge to my fellow cake artists. But all of my researching, posting to the website and making tutorials takes a lot of time and energy. I think it’s fair to attempt to make a little money to cover my expenses for the website (yep, this is not free!) and be compensated for my work. So I undertake advertising on this site, and use affiliate links, both of which may provide me with an income. But be sure, this will not result in me making a living out of this. Maybe a few dollars a month, if anything. Under no circumstances will clicking on any of the adverts or links, or buying any of the recommended products cost you any more money because of my affiliate membership.

I hate selling so much that maybe that’s why I still consider myself a “struggling cake artist”. I also hate when people try to sell to me and can recognize a less than honest sales pitch when I hear/read it. Be certain than when I recommend products or services, I have either used them personally and found useful, or know firsthand about their benefits.

Comment Policy

Ijustcantcakethis.com welcomes and encourages comments and suggestions. I’m new at blogging and learning as I go, so I’m sure I have a lot to improve. I reserve the right to remove any comments that I find to be inappropriate, offensive, disrespectful or self-promoting. Comments posted by individuals in no way reflect the opinions of Ijustcantcakethis.com or me and I do not take responsibility for promoting or endorsing any comment posted by an individual or group.

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