Oh, Those Sweet Roaring 20’s!

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Hello, cakers! It’s been a while. I know I shouldn’t make excuses, but let me just tell you… If you’ve read the blog since the beginning, you know I’m a teacher by profession, a sign language interpreter by occupation and a graphic artist and cake artist by hobby/side job. Well, this past months have been crazy! I decided to take a leap and go back to teaching after 4 years, just like that! It was an amazing opportunity, so I just caked it! Of course, now I’m on indefinite vacations, since teachers in my country are only being granted non-permanent positions since about 7 years ago, and we have to apply for work every summer. Doesn’t sound very smart on my part, right? Well, I’m feeling positive, plus, the good thing is I fell back in love with a profession that had disappointed me in many ways before.

So, now I’m uncertain about my work future, but what I’m certain about is that I want to share with you the results of an awesome collaboration I did at the end of last year with some dear friends of mine who are very talented bakers and entrepreneurs, twin sisters Natalie and Nicole Tapia of Flor de Maga Cuisine.

Natalie and Nicole have an up-and-coming dessert business in Puerto Rico, named after the national flower of the Island, the maga. They specialize in artisanal, gourmet cookies and traditional sweets, each named after a different flower with which some quality is shared.  Their line of products is uber delicious and they present their rustic creations beautifully, so there’s no wonder they are popping up in more and more gourmet coffee shops through the Metropolitan San Juan area and going like crazy! Also, many couples are selecting them as their wedding favor of choice.

Therefore, when they asked me to help them out with a cake and the styling for a dessert table they were commissioned to do for a wedding shower, I went: “Of course!” And then I drooled a little as I learned the theme for the shower was The Great Gatsby/ Roaring 20’s! I just love that era: art deco, sequins, pearls, feathers, fringe, gold, Downton Abbey… So, off we went to work…

We decided to make two cakes that showcased the over-the-top spirit of the roaring 20’s and to fill the table from there… We were sure we wanted to incorporate the famous art deco fan pattern into the cake somewhere, as well as sequins and feathers. We ended up with a two-tier black and gold cake. The bottom was a tall black tier with a gold fan pattern border topped by an all-gold-sequins top tier, and accented by a fabulous wafer paper modified peony with a gold brooch center and dangling pearls. The second cake was a simple white single tier cake elevated 2 inches to fit a wafer paper gold “lace” border which we would illuminate from the inside. We accented it with wafer paper feathers and another gold brooch.

After we had these two show-stoppers figured out, the rest of the table just flowed. We added the best chocolate cookie ever, Flor de Maga’s Azucenas de Chocolate, some of their fabulous french macaroons, the most delicious cake pops, meringues, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and sweet kettle popcorn, served in champagne glasses that we lined with black and gold polka-dot-patterned paper cones for a vintage feel. We think it looked and tasted amazing! What do you think? Is there a technique you’d like me to demonstrate? Go ahead and comment below and let’s keep caking it!



Cakes and Sweets: Flor de Maga Cuisine and Artesaborikén (me!)

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