I just can’t cake this! I’ve started my first blog!


I’ve done it.  I’ve gotten myself a website and now I’m supposed to post for you guys (Are you even there, readers?) and keep it interesting, funny, useful or something.

And here come the jitters… Why did I put myself in this so compromising position?  Do I even have something funny, useful or interesting to share?  You know, sometimes I think I do, and sometimes I don’t.  But somehow I guess the first option won, or else I wouldn’t be here in front of this old computer writing for someone who may or may never read this.

Hello, people of the web

I’m Keira, a Spanish teacher by profession.  Yep, I’m an authentic Puerto Rican girl with a love of reading Mafalda, who can roll her r’s, speak at 15 words per second, speak “Spanglish” like a boss, and still be a bit of a grammar freak.  However, God handed me an amazing opportunity to learn American Sign Language and I currently work as a sign language interpreter.  I have lots of interests, so much that I may overwhelm myself if I think of them right now, so maybe I’ll just keep them for a later time.

Ok, so what’s with the cake?

Of all the things I sometimes think I do right, I have to say that my skills in cake decorating make me very proud.  I sometimes bake with my Mom, who makes some of the best-tasting cakes ever, but I’m most passionate about cake decorating.  The thing is, I have no space to do anything bake-related in my humble home, so each cake we get ordered gets done at her house, over the course of several days when I might sleep away from my husband, after I get out from work and with worknights that often end at 4 a.m.

It’s no wonder that despite the outcome of our cakes, everytime we finish one, we have no will or desire to do another.  I just can’t cake this, you know?  We actually hope that no one asks for a cake, but word gets around, and eventually we end up
baking and decorating again.

Cake motiblogation

So I thought I would blog with the purpose of self-motivation (motiblogation, I’ll call it) to keep on doing the beautiful things I do, even when it becomes hard, frustrating or seems out of reach.  I’ll blog about some of the challenges I’ve faced and that any cake artist may face which may discourage us from making delicious, edible works of art.  I promise I’ll try to keep it funny, interesting and/or useful.  I hope at the end of each post, we can all say: “I just can’t cake this!? Oh, yes, I can!”.

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